Go Packers!

I hope you're all cheering for green and yellow on Sunday! Go Packers!!

(Green and gold were also my high school colors so I have a fondness for them. Go Highlanders!)

Or, are you one of those people who is just ready for it to be over?

But, if you are into football, the New Yorker has a very interesting article on concussions.

In case you need to know why the Packers are awesome, NPR has summed it up for you.

The Onion also has an entertaining Guide to the Super Bowl, including this list of Greatest Individual Super Bowl Performances.

Pete and I are whipping up some Greek Goddess dip and some good, old guacamole. Two crowd pleasers that are also somewhat healthy.

Need a pep talk to get you in the right mood for the big game?

Have a great weekend whether you watch the Super Bowl or not! I'm doing some wedding prep and going for a run, in addition to all things Super Bowl related. See you on the flip side!