Moment of Zen: Poetry

Oh, hello there. Life is crazy right now, and I'm mainly focusing on keeping my head above water instead of blogging. I had a little moment of zen yesterday listening to a poem by a man from Spokane, my hometown, and thought I'd share it.

Unfortunately, our local NPR station didn't post the text of the poem, but you can listen to Howell read it on their website: Poem: Christopher Howell and 'Dancers'

In other news, Pete and I will be making a trip up to the North Cascades National Park soon, and I cannot wait! I've been wanting to explore the park since driving through it a few years ago. And, it looks like we may even have nice weather.

Via Flickr:
Taken from Silesia Camp, Copper Ridge, North Cascades National Park
That's Easy Ridge in the foreground.