Some Friday eye candy for you.

I stumbled upon this image today at a new blog I'm following, most beautiful darling. Enjoying the simple wisdom of it.

I was also thrilled to see this photo. I've aspired to have a wall of brightly colored plates for a few years now. Maybe I'll have to finally start collecting some! I always pick them up in stores, ponder buying them and then put them back down.

My other new favorite blog is a desert fete. There's something very alluring about living in the desert to me (and, maybe my allergies wouldn't be as bad!). Anyway, looking at this photography is a little breath of fresh air every day.

I LOVE this series she posted from a train hopping photographer. Sigh. Makes me miss the summer I spent in Glacier National Park, hiking and riding around Montana in the back of pickup trucks.

Also, CACTI. I have a slight obsession with cacti that I have absolutely no explanation for. I just really like them.

picture by Elly Yap


Happy Weekend

It's been a tough week for me. I've been really low-energy and kind of in low spirits. But here are a few things that have brightened my day, and I hope they do the same for you!

Pretty Cakes - I definitely need to make this cake for the next girl/woman I know who has a birthday. Pink with sprinkles. My sisters Jayme would love it. Heck, maybe I'll just make it for myself!

Color - When I'm down I really try to make an effort to wear patterns and bright colors. It makes me feel better about myself and makes me look a little brighter to the outside world. I wish I could have been at this festival in India - it looks like they fill their world and paint themselves with the most vivid colors.

The Office - Last night's episode really made me laugh! Plus, it featured babies.

Alice in Wonderland - Even though it didn't get the great reviews, I still really want to see it. Look at this cute blog post with Alice inspirations. I downloaded the book for free to my iPhone, but have just started it.

Mr. Rogers - I've just started to read a book called I'm Proud of You, but a friend of Mr. Rogers. And while it's not the best book ever, the spirit of Mr. Rogers definitely shines through. His devotion to helping children and sharing love wherever he went is truly inspiring. I ran across this video of him testifying for Congress.

A New Dress - A friend alerted me to the fact that a (very) expensive dress I blogged about was half off. Who could resist!? Let's hope it looks good on me - not just on the Web site. I'll report back!

Exercising - I was in a really bad mood when I got home one evening. And I didn't feel hungry because I hadn't exercised in a couple days. I was short on time but I decided to just throw on the running clothes and shoes and hit the pavement for a few minutes. What a difference some fresh air and movement can make! Flowers are blooming in Seattle, so I could smell them and take in their bright colors as the sun set over the Olympic mountains. Lovely. Improved my mood greatly.

Seattle University basketball - I've become a die hard fan and the men won their last home game! Go Redhawks! They've worked really hard and ended the season with a winning record. Amazing!

Thinking About Our Trip to New York - I bought tickets to In the Heights and looked into how to buy tickets for the Time Burton Exhibit at MOMA (so glad it will still be there when we visit!). I've been playing with iPhone apps for New York and tracking down good bakeries. I also booked our list night for a steal at the "hippest hotel in New York" - as Seattlites we'll fit right in with the hipsters.

Actually, just writing this blog post made me feel better. And, it's Friday afternoon so the weekend is almost here. Hope yours is lovely!