Some Friday eye candy for you.

I stumbled upon this image today at a new blog I'm following, most beautiful darling. Enjoying the simple wisdom of it.

I was also thrilled to see this photo. I've aspired to have a wall of brightly colored plates for a few years now. Maybe I'll have to finally start collecting some! I always pick them up in stores, ponder buying them and then put them back down.

My other new favorite blog is a desert fete. There's something very alluring about living in the desert to me (and, maybe my allergies wouldn't be as bad!). Anyway, looking at this photography is a little breath of fresh air every day.

I LOVE this series she posted from a train hopping photographer. Sigh. Makes me miss the summer I spent in Glacier National Park, hiking and riding around Montana in the back of pickup trucks.

Also, CACTI. I have a slight obsession with cacti that I have absolutely no explanation for. I just really like them.

picture by Elly Yap

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