I miss this place!

I miss coming here and sharing my little thoughts and discoveries. I have lots of ideas stored up for posts, so I'm going to try to be better about posting in the coming months.

For now, a few things to share as we head into Christmas:

Christmas snuck up SO FAST this year! I barely got my shopping done, and most people I mail presents to will get them late. I'm aiming for New Year's cards this year. I am, however, honoring our last week of advent by dressing festively every day. I've got my snowflake sweater on (which, BTW, I've owned since high school!!!) and my reindeer sweater lined up for tomorrow.

I'm taking the train home to Spokane tomorrow, so let's hope it goes smoothly there are no delays with the tracks! Last year it was a blast - very festive and boozy! I'm taking along some knitting, two books (Just Kids by Patti Smith, and #4 of the Blue Bloods YA vampire series) and renting a couple movies on iTunes (Girl Who Played with Fire and Kick Ass)

Check out this adorable article about a woman who has been illustrating Hallmark cards for 55 years. She thinks cards have a place in our lives because "people like something they can save." I agree!

Pete and I just finished watching the original Star Wars trilogy - which never gets old - but I just found out there was a Star Wars Holiday Special, which looks truly awful. Apparently, Princess Leia sings. Why??

While I really didn't do much holiday cooking this year, I might still try to make Panettone before the new year.

The Onion gives us an amazing round up of cheap toys. Please at least read about the Music Phone and Happy Time Buslike Vehicle .

Some hilarious holiday eating tips - I plan to follow all of them!

What's the best Christmas gift? A new baby! My friends just had their first baby, and he's the cutest thing. Welcome to the world Porter - there's a lot of love here for you!

I'm celebrating an early Christmas with Pete tonight before we go to our respective hometowns - we've got pot roast in the oven and wrapped gifts under the tree. Yea!

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  1. Porter is so excited to have made the blog! He can't wait to meet you. We hope you have a great train ride and will talk to you soon!