It is finished.

The wedding, that is. It was . . . fantastic, amazing, beautiful, fun, wonderful! Any more adjectives I should add? For all you brides and grooms and parents and friends working on planning a wedding right now - all the hard work really does pay off in the end. Thank goodness!

I'm thinking of posting a series of "lessons learned" while planning a wedding in Seattle. They would be the type of posts I kept desperately, fruitlessly searching for while I was planning our wedding. I just have to get back in the habit of posting.

In the meantime, I now have this weird obsession with continuing to look at photos of other weddings on wedding blogs and Facebook. Why? Maybe I'm comparing them to ours. (Ours is better, of course.) Maybe I can't quite let go of the whole process.

I mentioned earlier that I think Scottish weddings look so dreamy and romantic. Well, Indian weddings look like the most colorful, fun, festive parties ever! I hope to go to one someday. I usually think wedding videos are too cheesy and silly, but this one is pretty amazing.

Oh, and if you want to see more of our wedding, check out the blog post from our phenomenal photographers Red Fish Photography.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. BEAUTIFUL! You are a stunning bride - I knew you would be! Looks like it was a perfect day. So happy for you, Katie!