A Lovely Walk

We have close to one foot of snow! I had a nice little snow adventure by walking down to Ballard. It's been snowing all afternoon, and it's so beautiful. Everyone is smiling at each other and making the most of the weather.

Miraculously, the farmers market in Ballard is open today! I felt compelled to buy a few things, since these vendors were so tough. But, it's really not sacrificing much to buy my favorite cherry strudel or fresh bread. Here are a few pictures.

The Christmas Tree lot looked extra Christmas-y.

The farmers market!

One of my favorite vendors. They made it here from Colville. Now that's tough.

They skied to the market!

My hill today. There were lots of people sledding.

I'm not kidding when I say that it's steep and very slippery. There was a new sign up today, to warn drivers about attempting it.

Update: You can view all my Seattle snow pictures on my Flickr page.

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