Snowed In

December Snow in Seattle, originally uploaded by bh88keys.

What do you do when you're snowed (iced) in?

-Sleep in.

-Drink a lot of coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

-Finish Christmas cards and knitting.

-Watch the original Star Wars Trilogy.

-Follow the updates on my neighborhood blog, Cliff Mass Weather Blog and the Seattle Storm Team Twitter.

-Have a girl's night for one - meaning, drink a glass of the pink, girly wine I had sitting around.

-Make soup.

-Go shoe shopping online.

-Take walks in the snow.

-Clean (I haven't gotten to this yet, but I have high hopes for my productivity today.)

-Daydream about the Caribbean cruise I'll be on next week.

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  1. Many of those things sound very similar to what I'm doing while snowed in at the Kroon household. i pretty much started - and finished - a throw quilt for Kurt's mom yesterday. In between watching the news updates and peering out the window (and hot chocolate, and lounging around, and ...) I finished all but the binding. That's today's task!

    Bring on the Caribbean vacation for you. Yahoo!