Is this cute?

I have a few weddings coming up this summer and have been on the lookout for a dress. I just bought this one, called Hidden Grove, on sale at Anthropologie. It's by designer Anna Sui, is made out of a silk-cotton blend, and has pockets. I think I love it - but I'm not sure. Of course, it also depends on what it looks like when I try it on. (You can see it up close on the Web site.)

Next very important question: What color shoes should I wear with this? Brown? Bone? Green? Purple?

P.S. You can get free shipping on Anthropologie purchases all summer if you register your Anthro card at http://www.my.anthropologie.com/. Very dangerous.


  1. It is cute, and will be cute on you, I bet! I vote for brown or green shoes. Or purple! Or gold, which I hear goes with everything.

  2. Yes. Very cute.

    I agree with Maggie on the array of shoe possibilities.

  3. I agree with the better-qualified ladies ahead of me: cute, and the shoe possibilities are endless. I guess I'd err toward simple/cute on the shoes, as you don't want conflicting patterns, but ultimately the cuteness and the fabulousness of the shoes (anywhere in the listed range of color possibilities) will be key.
    PS Everybody has a blog, and I'm always slow to catch on.
    PPS For whatever reason, my blogspot thing posts in my roller derby name.

  4. You guys crack me up. But I think the green/brown direction is a good one. The dress has shipped - so I'll let you know the verdict soon.