Summer Fluff Reading

I have some serious beach and pool lounging coming up (Palm Springs, Twin Lakes, Santa Barbara), so I thought it was time to lose myself in some easy, enjoyable, fluff reads. Now, mind you, these did receive excellent reviews on Amazon and are highly recommended by the ladies at one of my favorite sites: Go Fug Yourself. So, I think they're somewhat respectable.

Here's what I have lined up:

Got these from the Seattle library with almost no wait for my hold request. Imagine that!

This one, I actually had to buy! The Seattle library doesn't carry it - what snobs!

And, last, this is not uber-fluffy, but a good friend recommended it and I want to finish it before the movie comes out.

Now, I just need a lounge chair, swimsuit, sunblock, enormous sun hat and icey drink. Oh yeah, I think I can handle that.


  1. I liked The Time Traveler's Wife a lot! I second the recommendation (if I'm the one who made it the first time, this may not count). Happy lounging!

  2. That's right, you are the original recommender! I'm looking forward to reading it.