Summer Fun

Wow, I have been busy! With trips to Palm Springs, Santa Barbara and dear, old Twin Lakes, there's too much fun to report back. Plus it would just bore you. So, here are some highlights.

Palm Springs

hot. HOT. HOT.
Had a lovely time with the PLU ladies, sleeping, reading, eating, chatting and moving as little as possible.

Santa Barbara

You know how everyone says Santa Barbara is beautiful? Well, it is! Plus, it's very relaxing and they have a phenomenal farmers market on Saturdays.

Twin Lakes

My family's favorite little spot hidden away in the trees of the Colville National Forest. Pete got his first real immersion in Eastern Washington culture. Most of it was fun, except when drunk people started to go crazy with large fireworks. Ugh. How about let's not start a forest fire and cause permanent hearing damage in small children?

You can see more pictures at my Flickr account or on my Facebook page.

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