Based On My 2009

Based on my experiences in the past year, I would recommend:
  • Reading Half the Sky
  • Watching Food Inc.
  • Visiting Santa Barbara (especially the farmers' market, beach and mission)
  • Visiting Bozeman, MT
  • Saving more and spending less
  • Wearing more lipstick
  • Wearing less make-up on your face
  • Using sunscreen
  • Using eye cream
  • Playing with babies
  • Acupuncture
  • Dancing and singing unabashedly to Michael Jackson. (While you're at it, go out and rent This Is It.)
  • Eating more kale
  • Wearing converse sneakers
  • Investing in relationships - they're worth the time, energy and cost of travel!
  • Watching Glee, Castle and The Good Wife on TV (I'm addicted!)
  • Playing Bananagrams
  • Taking risks!
Things I would not recommend:
  • Joining L.A. Fitness
  • Spending the 4th of July in a dry forest with a bunch of low-IQ, high-blood-alcohol-content Eastern WA folks with access to way too many fireworks
  • Going on a horseback ride in the Dominican Republic (sorry, inside joke)
  • Wishing you could change or control others - you can only control yourself and your response to them
  • Getting married on a beach - from my keen observation, it's impossible to walk gracefully!
  • Over-sharing during wedding toasts. (Keep it short, people! Less is more!)


  1. LOVE it, great blog idea! Happy New Year Katie!

  2. No more horse rides! hahaha Katie, you look like you're in a parade!

  3. I love these lists! You can come play with my baby any time--it is more fun every day.

  4. I really dont think you needed to add Eastern WA folks. They could have been from anywhere and have done the same thing. People in Seattle already think we are a bunch of red necks over here.
    Also, you should have added that you recommend eating lots of green bean casserole and going to lots of college sporting events since you enjoy doing that so much.

  5. Jayme - I thought it was OK since I'm from Eastern WA. :) I like your additions to the list, though.