Get in shape girl!

Pete and I walked Bloomsday last week - a 12k run/walk in Spokane, that drew more than 55,000 people this year. (Go Spokane! Love my hometown.) It's a great way to kick off spring and summer fitness plans, and on our drive back across the state to Seattle, I started setting mine:
  • Bike to work at least five times during the month of May (this doesn't sound like much, but I have a really crappy bike commute). I've committed to do this as part of Bike to Work Month here in Seattle. 
  • Work my way up to running the 6.2 mile Cheshiahud Loop in Seattle.
  • Do at least one triathlon - I may do both the Seafair Triathlon and Danskin. (Danskin seriously needs to work on its website.)
  • Hike Mt. Si.
  • Go on a weekend backpacking trip with Pete!
  • (Oh, and cheer on Pete when he ride RAMROD!)
Can't wait for warm weather to FINALLY get to the northwest so I can enjoy my training outdoors!
    A fitness blogger I follow likes to say: Say it. Do it! Telling other people about your fitness plans helps you stick with them. Hope it works for me!

    P.S. I used to LOVE "Get in Shape Girl." Yea for the '80s!

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