Things I Like

I'm thinking of trying to talk Pete into going out for dinner with the LivingSocial I just got and seeing Thor tonight. Will I be successful? We'll see.

A few things I'm into these days:

The Fleet Fox's new album

Catching up on documentaries like "Kings of Pastry" and "Bigger, Faster, Stronger." Next up will probably be "Waiting for Superman."

Making margaritas

Making smoothies

Reading and drooling over Super Natural Every Day

Penzey's Chili 9000 - a great spice mix for chili, Mexican food, whatever!

Reading through the AV Club's Nashville or Bust series (I know, I'm waaaay behind on this - just found out about it!) and discover or re-discovering awesome country music singers.

Signs of spring in Seattle - seeing ducklings and blooming Lilacs on my runs!

Seeing new bulbs pop up in the yard - I think it's the dahlia and gladiolus bulbs I planted!

I recently switched back to Nike running shoes after a long period of Brooks Adrenalines, and the Lunar Glides have been working great for me!

Does anyone get bruises on their eyes from swim goggles? I've been on a quest to find a more comfortable pair. This is the best I've tried so far.

Oh, and I just started the book "Little Bee," inspired by Seattle Public Library's Seattle Reads program. I'm hoping to go to one of the author events. (Our library system is awesome - FYI)

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