Chocolate Croissants Baked Right in Your Own Oven

That's right! I made an impulse buy the other day at Trader Joe's - Frozen Chocolate Croissants. (Who, me, make an impulse buy??)

You take them out the night before to let them rise, and then just pop them in the oven the next morning for 20 minutes. And you have warm, gooey chocolatey, flaky pastries right at your own kitchen table.

Now, this wasn't the best chocolate croissant I've had in my whole life. But, it was pretty darn good! Highly recommended. I made the excuse of buying them for my friend's visit from DC, but she got snowed in!! Guess I'll have to eat all of them myself. Poor me.


  1. yuuummm! love TJ's.... btw, have you heard anything about the TJ recipe books? i hear they are good but when i did some research there are too many to choose from!!

  2. I bought these a few times last summer, when I still lived a reasonable distance from a Trader Joe's. Pretty delicious for frozen pastry! Maybe next time I'm in the Cities I will have to find the Trader Joe's . . .