It Never Fails

I'm really trying not to shop or spend money, in order to save for our trip to New York and other travel plans this summer. (Plus, I'd like to get a new laptop and digital camera.) So, I've been avoiding looking at anything from anthropologie - online and in stores. I gave in and took a quick look at their current dresses. And, as usual, I want one of the most expensive ones. Figures!

It's cute, though, right?

When I was really poor my first few years out of college I used to do something I called "pretend shopping." I would go into stores, try things on, look at the prices and choose which things I would buy - if I had any money. So I'll "pretend buy" this dress.

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  1. Love it. I did a little pretend shopping the other day at Anthropologie - it took everything in me to leave the store empty handed!