My Garden: May 25

I'm going to eat some of the lettuce up at the lake this weekend!! The big bushy area is all salad greens, and I'm going to take them up to the lake this weekend for everyone to eat.

Compare these photos to my last update. Whoa! Stuff has grown.

One note: I had to thin out my carrots and beets, because I read the the roots will be too close together and I won't get an viable plans. It was kind of a pain because I had planted a ton of seeds all close together and I had to cut them off so that plants were about 2 inches apart. I learned that I should be a little more sparing with the seeds next year and try to space them out more. For thinning, you don't have to pull them out, you just cut off the tops.

For harvesting the lettuce, I read that you should cut off the tops and then dig up the roots. This keeps the lettuce from getting dirty. Then, I can plant new seeds for a second harvest!

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