A Quest for Sandals

I just wanted a simple pair of black, flat sandals for my trip to the Midwest on Friday. Even nice-ish flip flops would have worked! You'd think it wouldn't be that hard, right? Well, unfortunately for me - a girl with very long, narrow feet that resemble water skis - these are the type of sandals in style right now:

And, in theory, I think they're cute. But something awful happens when I put them on my abnormally long feet. They look horrible! My foot looks like it stretches on forever, and the strap across my ankle cuts off my legs and makes them look stubby. Just . . . no. I refuse to spend money on these just because the fashion gods tell us to.

I had almost given up, when I made a quick stop into Old Navy. And . . . yes! Tons of cute sandals. I bought these simple ones (in black):

And absolutely could not resist these yellow ones either:
(I know the yellow ones look similar to the dreaded black ones above. But, the straps are just different enough and the beading is just big enough to make a difference. Plus, yellow!)

Now, if the sun just comes out in Seattle, I'll be ready! Let's hope they help me stay cool in the muggy Midwest :)

P.S. I'm going to try to start posting more regularly. Really, I am!

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