Reasonable Shopping

I've been thinking quite about about my personal shopping and consumer habits. It started when I hauled three HUGE bags of clothing and shoes to Goodwill and didn't even notice a dent in my closet and drawers. And then, I read an interesting article in the New York Times about how women are trying to address their personal shopping habits. None of their solutions seemed quite right for me, but they did help me to have my own brainstorming session.

After all that thinking, I believe I've come up with a reasonable resolution to test out. Here's the deal: I will only buy new clothing if something I own actually needs replacing (i.e. gets a stain, rips, wears out). Now, I know most of you probably already adhere to something akin to this. But, I'm always drawn by the siren call of sales and just the fun of having something new to wear. I just keep adding to my wardrobe, and I really don't need all of this stuff.

I will try this out for three months, and if it goes well I may extend it to six. And, I'm blogging about it so that there will be some degree of personal accountability. Here's to being a little more responsible and thrifty!

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