Pete and I moved this week. Hence the title of this post. I've been so distracted and tired that I wore two different colored shoes to work, and backed into a car in the liquor store parking lot. Geesh!

We combined households and are now living together (!) for the first time. It's been physically and mentally tiring, but so far the actual living-together thing is going well. We moved a lot of heavy things together, assembled furniture and made a trip to Ikea all without fighting or getting annoyed with each other. That's pretty good in my book!

During this period, I've developed two pretty serious obsessions:
Goodwill - I found an awesome solid wood sideboard from the 1960s and a set of wooden drawers at the Ballard Goodwill the other night. And, since then I've been doing a drive-by anytime I'm nearby to see if they have anything else good. You have to be fast, though! I had to stand with my hands on both pieces of furniture so that no one else would buy them! It was stressful - but also exciting! I'm now determined to check out the Goodwill Outlet near my office, although it's apparently very smelly and they recommend you wear gloves to sort through the bins. Also, bedbugs are back big-time, so we'll have to be careful about what we buy.

Queen - Have you listened to Queen lately? Well, you should. Because they are awesome. NPR did a story on them this week, and I've been listening to them non-stop at work since then. It's really been helping me to keep me energy up during a week when I'd much rather be taking a nap most afternoons.

I REALLY wish I could have gone to a queen concert!

Don't you wish men still wore white pants like these? I kind of love them.


  1. I saw way too many middle aged men in white polyester pants and white shoes... please, never again!

  2. I thought the same thing after the story, "I REALLY wish I could have gone to a queen concert!"