Goal: Bloomsday 12k, May 4

About five years ago I trained for and ran the Chicago marathon. And, for the first time, developed a serious injury with my IT Bands. And, it's continued to come back and haunt me since. It's a hard truth when you realize your body will no longer do everything you ask of it - and I realize I've asked a lot over the years: marathons, mountain climbing, volleyball, softball, cheerleading, just to name a few. Even though all these things kept me strong and in shape, they also tore down the balance and health of my body. Since the marathon, I've been to doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and acupunctursts. They've all helped, but it's a larger challenge of getting my body back to feeling balanced, healthy and strong.

Despite all this, I've set a goal to run Bloomsday, a 12k in my hometown of Spokane. Right now, I can only run for about ten minutes until my IT Bands start giving me problems, but I think the key is to focus on other activities that will restore my legs, and entire body. That will help balance out the wear and tear of running.

So, I've set a few goals for myself this winter:

  • Go to yoga at least twice a week

  • Focus on biking and swimming

  • Take time to build strength, mainly through weight-lifting

I did pretty well this week, although I have a long way to go. But, I think I can do it! Bloomsday, here I come!

Just in case you're curious:


  1. That is a good goal! Challenge but do-able.

    I decided that my goal is to do the Runner's World Half-Marathon in April. I did it a few years ago and loved it. First step: be patient and not run anymore until my hip flexor feels better.

  2. Or you could walk it with your mom, who needs a walking buddy since I have left. :)