Plants: Christmas Cactus

I have a slight obsession with cacti and succulents. My first cactus was a gift from my employer in Milwaukee - so it's traveled a long way and stayed alive for a long time (over 3 years). It's pretty year round, but I LOVE when it flowers each year.

Not only do I like the way this and other cacti look, but they're hard to kill. Which is good, because sometimes I just forget to water plants for, oh, maybe a month. (I know, that's kind of bad.)


  1. I love the flowers, it makes the whole plant look so beautiful!

  2. Oh Damon's Grandma has one of these plants. I never realized it was a christmas cactus. But it is like a family heirloom. It is like over 85 years old. And it still blooms every year! She gives each of her grandkids a piece of it so they can grow it and pass it on. Cool huh?
    Ps- Arent you proud of me for finally visiting your blog?