My Birthday

Birthday #30 is coming up next week. Wow! I remember lying in my dorm room on the night before my 20th birthday, feeling more sad and shocked than anything else. I had honestly believed I'd be a teenager forever! I was so depressed leaving those years behind, and thought it would all be downhill from there.

Thank goodness I was wrong. My 20s have had some ups and down, but it feels nice to end them on an up! I'm having a very casual get-together next week and I only have two requirements of the party: cake and a banner. (I feel like a 30th birthday warrants a banner!)

Lo and behold, these charming banners popped up in Cup of Jo today! I like that they're not the traditional "Happy Birthday" message.

I was really debating between the gold "Good Times and the black "La Dolce Vita." I'm not telling which one I ended up ordering. To order the banners, visit Banter Banners.

P.S. If I haven't invited you - apologies! Evite wouldn't import my email contacts and I'm afraid I didn't do a perfect job of getting everyone on the list. Just let me know and I'll send you the info.


  1. I was freaked out by 20, too. 30 was much easier!

    My money is on La Dolce Vita. I look forward to photos of the actual banner (and celebration, of course).

    Happy Early Birthday!