My Garden: April 29

I promise I won't post about my garden every other day for the rest of the spring and summer. It's just that I'm REALLY EXCITED about it right now. It's so fun to choose all the seeds and plants, and put them in the ground. I went to visit it this morning, and the starts have already gotten taller and many of the plants have more leaves than last week.

I was so occupied with the progress of the starts, that it took me a while to see that the lettuce seeds had sprouted!

Lots of sprouts!

Isn't the nasturtium pretty? The master gardeners from the WSU Extension Program told me that it's a good plant for pollination (giving the bees a little love) and you can eat the flowers and pods. In fact, Saving the Season just put up a nice post about nasturtiums (known to him as California Capers) and how to pickle the pods. Fun!


  1. Wow, what amazing progress! You must be an excellent seed planter.

  2. Note to self: Plant garden soon! Is yours are your local pea patch?