My mom was in town a few weeks ago, and we completed a couple projects around my apartment. (When I say "we," I mean my mom knew what she was doing and I was just trying to help.)

Danish Chair
A couple years ago I bought this chair at the Fremont Sunday Market. I just fell in love with it instantly. It was either $40 or $75; I can't remember. But, the old bands under the cushion were totally worn out and it got to the point where it really wasn't comfortable to sit in it. Plus, I'll admit that these cushion were more retro-ugly than retro-cute.
I took the chair in to be re-glued and to have new webbing put in under the seat. And we made new cushions for it, kind of following a pattern and kind of making it up as we went. Don't you think it turned out cute?

I think the fabric is Amy Butler's home decorating line.

Kitchen Chairs
We also re-covered a couple kitchen chairs from Ikea:
I got these for free about a year ago. They had a very depressing, faded blue fabric on them. And now, I'm not embarrassed for people to see them! We just used a staple gun to put this fabric over the top of the seats.I just love this print! I found all the fabric for these projects at my new favorite fabric store in Ballard, The Quilting Loft.


  1. I love the newly updated chair. It's way cute, and fabulous choices of fabrics. I'm impressed!

  2. Hey, I remember that chair! Did you buy it when Kristin and I were visiting? It looks gorgeous!