Don't you think daffodils are the friendliest flower?

It was sunny in Seattle, and everyone came out to play. I took a walk, visited the farmers market, rode my bike, threw a football and flew a kite! Whew!

Flying a kite on the beach at Golden Gardens


Ballard Farmers Market

Pink blooms on my walk down to Ballard. It's funny, I haven't taken this walk since our big snow dump. And, here I was again, walking along and taking pictures, enjoying the weather. It was like deja vu, but in opposite world.

I've made a big decision for myself this spring and summer . . . I am not going to train for anything! This is a big deal for me. Every year I've trained for something - half-marathon, triathlon, etc. But, I'm really putting a lot of focus and energy on getting healthy, creating a good balance in my body and healing old injuries. Every year, when I really get into my training, I end up throwing myself off balance by putting too much emphasis on training, and not enough on all the other activities that keep me healthy (weight lifting, yoga, cross-training, etc.). Plus, I've really been enjoying lately the freedom to do whatever activity I want - walk one day, kayak the next, snowshoe the next - rather than being tied to my training schedule.

Knowing me, I'll still probably wind up doing an open water swim and a 5k (I hope! I'm building up my running more and more each week!). But, I'm not locking myself into any big races.

Breathe in. Breathe out. I can do this. I can go a whole year without training for something. I'm addicted to this stuff!

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  1. You can do it! By the way, the new banner picture posted behind "Lively" at the top of your blog looks great.