How did I miss this?

Plush Lima Bean Rattle, originally uploaded by Yummy Pancake.

Yesterday was National Lima Bean Day! I love lima beans! I'll have to make some this weekend in honor of the day.

Eating as little as a half cup of these raw can be dangerous. They contain a compound that is an offshoot of cyanide, and toxic when uncooked.

Lima beans' origins are in South and Central America.

Lima beans were exported to the rest of the Americas and Europe with boxes labeled "Lima - Peru" as their place of origin. This is how the beans got their name.

Here's a
recipe from Orangette for lima beans

Oh, and tomorrow is Earth Day. I guess I should ride my bike to work? There are a bunch of clean-ups in Seattle you can participate in through Earth Corps. I'll be out at Magnuson Park at Saturday.

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